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Cold Packs:

Gel cold packs are used locally to treat pain and inflammation.

Interferential Stimulation (IFC):

This is a form of electrical stimulation and is used to treat acute pain, inflammation, and also chronic pain.


This treatment modality is for local inflammation. A patch is applied directly over the skin and a steroid anti-inflammatory medication is forced into the tissue with the use of a small, electrical current.

Moist Heat Packs:

Gel heat packs are used locally to treat pain, increase blood flow, and relax underlying tissues.


“TNS”, pronounced “tens”, stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is used to control pain. Electrode pads are applied directly over an area of the body that is painful. Electrical stimulation disrupts the pain signal going to the brain. These units can be rented or purchased by patients.

Traction (Mechanical Traction):

This is a form of treatment used for certain low back and neck injuries. A “pulling force” is applied to the spinal segments to unload the discs, joints, etc.


Ultrasound is therapeutic, deep heating of muscle and soft tissue. It is used to stimulate healing of soft tissue injuries and for pain relief. Ultrasound frequency waves cause micro vibration of the tissue increasing blood flow.